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Develop revenue via Planon Marketplace

To deliver best-in-class software to new, existing and mutual customers, Planon maintains a global network of technology partners. Each partner offers its own unique mix of expertise, skills, solutions and services to maximise business value for Planon's customers.

Last year we launched the Planon Marketplace as part of our open platform initiative. It offers an overview of specific add-on applications and integrations offered by Planon and our technology partners. As a company we have a strategy to embrace the latest developments in the market, working with our partners to exploit synergies and deliver the best possible solution for our customers.

Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Why you should choose Planon platform
  • How you can develop and deploy an app
  • How Planon customers purchase apps
  • How to onboard as a Technology partner

Not a Planon Partner yet? Are you interested in adding value by delivering specialised integrations, apps and other products or features that complement Planon software?

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