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Founded in 2019 by two former Planon employees, AddOnn develops SAAS solutions as add-ons on existing software platforms, combining state of the art technologies with extensive business knowledge. In developing these SAAS solutions, AddOnn focusses on identifying potential process changes and new business propositions based on new technological possibilities.

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Airthings is a global tech company. Established in 2008, it was founded to make accurate and user-friendly radon detectors as common as smoke detectors. Airthings aims to develop accessible technology solutions to help people stay healthy.

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Logo of Planon partner Arazzo.

Arazzo Solutions

Arazzo Solutions is a professional services firm focused on the Corporate Real Estate industry. Our team has a unique combination of expertise in lease administration, lease accounting, and project management. We bring a powerful competitive advantage, having been on both sides of the fence as portfolio administrators and as software consultants.

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AurAir is a Dutch designer and manufacturer of innovative indoor air quality monitoring products. Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of people by helping them to control the air quality 24/7 in every indoor space where they live, learn and work. Key partners, such as Planon, help by providing specialised solutions for specific markets.

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For more than 20 years Axentris provides collaboration platforms for the budgeting, maintenance and operation of buildings and technical equipment. Combining both, the development of the Servalino framework and having extensive experience with Planon`s products, Axentris supplies a large spectrum of customer oriented solutions.

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Logo of bGrid


Innovating since 2015, bGrid is the final smart building solution you will ever need. Built to adapt our bGrid multi-sensors provide control of personal comfort. Communicating with everything in your building our flexible approach and open API allows enabling of fast accurate positioning of smart devices and 3rd party assets.

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Building Circularity Index (BCI)

Use the Building Circularity Index tool to determine the circular potential of a building based on recognised methods for environmental impact and circularity.

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CT ACTIVA is CT Solutions Group’s Business Unit specialised in facilities and asset management, with strong knowledge of the business processes related to those areas. We help our customers define and optimise their processes, employing the best tools on the market to guarantee sustainability over time.

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Logo of Planon partner Datarotonde.


Service requests delivered directly to your service provider’s system. Digital, automatically, secure, immediate and up-to-date feedback on the status. Datarotonde is the trusted partner for digital communication. Datarotonde connects and integrates over 100 applications and 200 organizations.

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