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Planon and AddOnn launch partnership with introduction of mobile cleaning solution

2 March 2021 – Planon and AddOnn have announced a partnership which combines AddOnn’s SaaS solutions with Planon’s software platform for building and service digitalisation. AddOnn compliments the Planon offering with distinctive process support in cleaning and other processes.

AddOnn specialises in software development to enhance data-driven process support. It recently launched CleanOnn, a comprehensive app suite to support the cleaning process for Integrated Facility Management organisations. By connecting Planon’s software platform with AddOnn’s CleanOnn, organisations that deliver cleaning services will benefit from full process support on one platform with focus on process efficiency, quality of services delivered and finance.

Mounia Hajji, Managing Director of AddOnn – explained, ‘Our partnership with Planon gives us the power to further collaborate in meeting user requirements, using the best of the Planon platform enriched with our fully integrated add-ons.’ Marc Wetzelaer, Managing Director of AddOnn, added ‘The Planon platform gives us a head start. The native integration with relevant Real Estate and Facility Management (RE & FM) processes, and the availability of IoT and sensor technologies, provides a solid basis to develop our solutions.’

‘By expanding our ecosystem with the most innovative partners we can offer end-to-end solutions to our customers all over the world,’ said Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon. Iwan van Eldijk, VP Partnering & Alliances at Planon added, ‘Through our partnership, we are able to enrich Planon’s market leading software for Service Providers to offer a fully integrated mobile cleaning solution to our customers.’