In this bGrid set-up the sensors are located in the light fixtures to make them less visible.

Planon and bGrid announce new partnership

30 September 2020 – Planon and bGrid have announced a new partnership to combine Planon’s real estate, space, and asset management solutions with bGrid’s integrated sensor technology offerings. This will offer a broad spectrum of measurement tools to monitor buildings and provide an engaging workplace environment for occupants whilst supporting more informed business decisions across the real estate portfolio.

bGrid specialises in sensor solutions and has developed an integrated sensor that measures temperature (both infrared and air), light intensity, humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic components (air quality), occupancy, sound intensity and movement. Integration of these measurements with Planon’s market leading Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) will allow organisations to truly optimise the performance of their workplace.

‘We are proud to be selected as a Planon partner and combine our expertise to enable organisations to maintain better, smarter and more flexible workspaces. Together, we believe we can create sustainable and valuable change within the real estate industry today and in many years to come’, said Bart Melis, CEO at bGrid.

‘Through our partnership, we’re able to combine bGrid’s sensor technology with Planon’s IWMS to enable building owners, building occupiers and commercial service providers to more effectively track assets and smart devices within their buildings’, said Iwan van Eldijk, VP Partnering & Alliances at Planon. ‘We’re constantly looking for the best and most innovative technology partner solutions to help enrich Planon solutions and offer end-to-end solutions to our customers all over the world.’