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Planon signs implementation partnership with Avector

Planon announces a partnership with Avector to expand its reach in the Nordic market.

August 28, 2019 – Planon has recently joined forces with Avector, an organisation that specialises in PropTech and focuses on building tomorrow’s technical solutions for property management. Avector’s mission is to combine the delivery of software solutions with ownership of the complete process; from needs analysis, inventory, process optimisation, and commissioning to implementation, training, and monitoring.

Pierre Guelen, CEO of the Planon Group commented on this partnership: “Our aim is to strengthen both Planon and Avector. Planon will benefit from the regional network Avector has to offer - helping us to expand our reach in Scandinavia. Together we will be able to meet the growing demand for Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and support organisations looking to improve control, transparency, and performance in all aspects of managing their facilities portfolios. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration”.

Planon and Avector will help Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management departments improve their contribution to the organisation’s core business. By sharing their longstanding experience and knowledge with their customers, Planon and Avector can deliver innovative software solutions that are tailored to the ever changing market demands and requirements.

Planon’s market-leading Integrated Workplace Management System was built to be an agile solution for the Real Estate business”, said Hans Ekman, CEO of Avector. “We are excited about the partnership between Planon and Avector as this aligns with our growth initiatives in creating value-added solutions both to our existing and new customers. In the fast-growing PropTech market the demand for Integrated Workplace Management Systems and general digitalisation will be crucial to increase market share”.

Avector joins a strong group of Planon-certified implementation partners that have been qualified by the Planon Academy in Planon fundamentals and have gone through a solution and role specific training program to serve the Nordic market.